4 Kinds of Love You Will Experience in Life

When we think of February, two facts might come immediately to mind: “It’s the shortest month of the year.” and “Valentine’s Day is right in the middle of it”. To keep it as short as February, let’s jump right in and have a curious look at what four kinds* of love do we, as people, experience during our life.

1. You will love People  

Loving another human being is embedded within us since we are born. It’s the kind of love we turn to for our own safety, comfort, caring. Loving people ensures we don’t go through life alone, but enhance it by sharing joy, struggles, sorrows with a social circle and the people closest to you. You will love your parents, siblings, relatives, friends, your partner and children. The relationships and the loving feelings you will build for each of them will be different of course, but deep down, it means you care for their well-being, happiness and you wish to cherish as many life moments together as possible. 

2. You will love Activities 

Going through life and exploring different things, you will love doing some of them in particular. These will become your hobbies, like listening to music, watching movies, going for a bike ride. Some other activities, you will love so strongly because of how you feel while you’re learning, performing and working into them. These will become your passions. You might be passionate about running, reading, playing chess, helping people or the environment, knowing extreme fun facts about football or a whole TV series (Did you know that there’s a season 6 of Peaky Blinders coming soon this year?). Your passions and activities you love will become a strong part of your identity and what will give your life a different meaning.

3. You will love Ideas 

Ideas are a product of our imagination. Everything we haven’t encountered in our lives yet, we imagine it! These ideas might be your own or others’, but at some point, you will end up loving ideas. Ideas can be about ways to live your life, governing a country, setting your moral compass. Real or fictional characters from books or movies can give us ideas on the kind of person we want to be in life. You might be inspired to be a civil-rights activist like Nelson Mandela; or you can aspire to be fearless, ambitious, observant, ruthless and witty like Thomas Shelby, the leading character in the Peaky Blinders

What’s more fundamental is that, when you love an idea, you want to explore, understand and incorporate every aspect of it. You are driven to bring this idea in life and you try your best to always stick by it.

4. You will love Things

Yes, I mean tangible objects. No, loving things doesn’t necessarily make you a materialistic person. Our love and attachments for things start when we’re even too young to understand any of it. We all used to have that favorite toy, that T-shirt you’d never take off, a blanket or plastic ball you loved for no reason. When we grow older and understand more, we will still love things. What changes is that we become more picky and slightly more stubborn. For example, you know that the car you’d love to drive every day must be this exact type, exact color and must have that feature that you absolutely can’t negotiate with. Or, you already know that ideal newsboy cap you’d love to wear, which suits you best. Maybe it’s the peaky Ferguson hat, or the flat cap model with no button on top. Check out the Peaky Hat online store, to find in the unique designs collection the only peaky hat you would love to wear every day. Loving things and possessions is part of our human life experience. As such, why not celebrate it on Valentine's day, too?

*This is not an exhaustive list of all kinds of love. Let us know in the comments what else you would like to add.