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You Be You.

Peaky Hat is owned and operated by You Be You, LLC, a US based company operating out of Ohio.  We are building a brand committed to self expression and to enabling every human being the opportunity to be their true authentic self.  We stand for equality, human rights, and the endless need to support one another.  We encourage everyone to be themselves on any given day.  Our hats are our passion and a product for self expression, but our mission is to encourage authenticity and to empower you to have the courage to be yourself.  

You Be You.

Take your style to the next level with Peaky Hat.

The Peaky Hat is an online store that aims to offer a unique and unmistakable style through quality and detailed caps, hats, and a few accessories to compliment the style. More than just an online store, Peaky Hat is a way of life where you can express yourself and feel comfortable choosing an item that best suits your personality and style. 

Our hats are not truly authentic and we don't pretend that they are. To make that claim, we'd have to hand make our hats with materials from the late 1800's and early 1900's, using original tools, etc (and probably charge double).  Instead, our hats are carefully selected through the inspiration of the styles that cross through history and stand the test of time.  We only promote what we know is true: Our Peaky caps are made with quality materials, shaped with great care.

We are transparent with you in every step of the process.

We share the respect for universal human values and integrity. 

This is how we do it.

We work with suppliers across the globe to find Peaky products that align with these three criteria;  Quality, Affordability, and Brand Alignment.  Our hats are great quality and support self expression.  We are early in our journey and continuing to expand our collections.  We are always on the lookout for new suppliers to partner with (US suppliers are REALLY hard to find, please help!), so don't hesitate to reach out if you are interested (support@peakyhat.com).  We make 90% of the hats you find in our store, The Peaky Hat line of newsboys, flatcaps, and more, focusing on all three of those criteria each step of the way. 

Much like every other hat and clothing company, we follow similar supply chain practices and source materials and fabric worldwide (wool, linen, polyester, cotton, etc), shipping them to our facility in China for final stitching, then warehousing in Dublin, OH, local to our home shop.  Nearly all of our products are carefully packaged and ship directly from our home warehouse in Dublin, OH.

We are working tirelessly to improve our customer experience through reduced shipping times, improved communication, and better post purchase experiences.  We are not perfect, but we are working towards it.  This business is challenging.  It's difficult to meet the demands customers have today, but we are up for the challenge and we thank you for your ongoing support.

Committed customer service.

Like we stated above, we make it our responsibility to have a very responsive and attentive customer service team, responding to every message with a very close and personalized relationship. We seek to elaborate and build a path together, from the purchase itself to the post-delivery service, always going through each step of this process with special care. For us, you as a customer, are the most important element of our business. We value and appreciate that you buy in our store and want to be part of the Peaky Hat community.

If you have any questions, you can always contact our customer service team by writing to support@peakyhat.com. We will be happy to help you make this experience as positive as possible.

It also depends on you.

We can all do our part to improve the world we live in. Our focus is on allowing each individual to be their authentic self, without judgement or negativity. We encourage each of you to empower one another, support one another, and continue to Stay Peaky.  You Be You.

Thank you for trusting us,
You Be You, LLC

Proud owners of The Peaky Hat