How Strong is Your Hat Game?

An outfit looks bomb from head to toe when coordinated, clean, well-fitting, and fashionable. There is a lot to consider when it comes to accessories; what type of belt goes with the outfit? Which color of shoes do I pick? Does my jewelry make a statement, or does it seem distracting? How is my haircut or hairdo? Not to put down any of these accessories; they all add up to the killer final look. However, there is one clothing item that can turn your look from a two to a ten. Not a shaky 9.5; I mean a solid ten! Therefore, if you are looking to improve your style, hats are a good investment.

Hats have been a piece of clothing since time immemorial. They come in different sizes and types, and believe me when I say there is a hat for everyone! Hats symbolize so much, and you can use them to communicate to the people around; removing a hat shows respect while a hat in a ring is seen as a challenge. Hats primarily represent power and authority. A covered head represents nobility, and different hats represent different hierarchies. Interestingly, it is believed that since the hat covers the head, it contains thoughts; maybe that is why we put on our thinking hats when we want to think about an issue intensely. Additionally, a head covered by a hat symbolizes nobility, and when a hat is changed, it means an opinion has also changed. There is power in a hat.

When we talk about hats, you are not limited to one specific hat. There are so many types of hats to choose from. Like a shoe, you cannot opt for a size 10 when you are clearly a size 12. Some of the factors that we often consider when picking a hat are the shape and size of your head. Some hats look better on people with a particular type of face; oblong, heart-shaped, or even round face. That is why picking the right type and size of the hat is an art that requires patience. They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, and so does your journey to the ultimate hat game. We at Peaky Hats would like to ensure that you go for timeless hats that make a statement.

  • Newsboy caps; maybe the first thing that comes to mind when you think of these hats is the popular BBC tv series, the Peaky Blinders. It is hard to ignore that the show portrays a fascinating fashion sense you would not mind emulating. Those hats in the series are the newsboy cap which working men originally wore in the early twentieth century. Some of the options of newsboy caps you can choose from are the classic linen and cotton blend. There is also the Shelby hat, leather, and corduroy hats. Newsboy caps like the classic linen and cotton blend ones are versatile and can match with anything. The other options are fit, especially when you want to look more fashionable. You can wear your peaky blinder hats with casual clothes like jeans or dress pants.
  • Flat caps are mostly made from cotton, leather, or even synthetic blends. These caps are perfect if you are going for an understated look. Some of the flat cap styles include the Irish flat cap, Gatsby or the big apple hat, ivy cap, herringbone flat cap, and driver cap. At Peaky Hats, we help you go through all these styles and see which style fits your profile more.