The Peaky Gift Card


To celebrate the PeakyHat first special anniversary, we are launching for the first time to the customers the possibility to purchase PeakyHat Gift Cards.

It is the ideal option for those of you who:
...want to make your dear ones the gift of a unique, stylish, and iconic item, but
...don’t know exactly the size that would fit best to the head,
...don’t know what their favorite color or PeakyHat design would be.

With the PeakyHat Gift card, it’s a win-win situation: you make them the gift of a PeakyHat, you don’t worry about the details, and your dear ones be as peaky as they want with their new favorite hats.

How does the PeakyHat Gift Card work?
It’s very simple!

1) You purchase the gift card with a certain value (balance).
2) You send the gift card to your chosen special person.
3) They click on our official website (
4) They browse through our collection and choose their favorite hat(s).
5) In the check-out, they can pay the amount by applying the balance of the gift card.

The balance can be spent over more than one order.

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