A Simple Trick to Help You Stick to your New Year’s Resolution

The January of this year could possibly be the most anticipated month ever! 

We all needed to flip the 2020 pages and start fresh. The first month of the year usually brings new energies, new dreams and resolutions. Maybe not everyone writes down a strict, formal resolution. Maybe you have just a wish, an ideal scenario which you look forward to. After all, it’s simply human to dream about the future.

In fact, we might be making the same resolutions as millions of other people around the world. A list of the top 10 most common new year’s resolutions, includes goals such: losing weight, eating healthier, exercising more, quitting smoking; developing professional skills, getting more organized, reading more; or related to social aspects: spend more time with family, travel more with friends, life live to the fullest.

Despite how determined we can be in the beginning, our energy and commitment decreases during the year. Most recent stat's have been gathered by InsideOut Mastery. Studies show that less than 50% actually meet their New Year’s goals. What to do to make it to the winning side? We have few tips and one simple trick to help you with that! 

Use the power of visualization. 

Visualization is an effective goal-achieving  tool used by many successful people. Take the time to close your eyes and imagine yourself living in the ideal scenario. Imagine a healthy, fit, active version of yourself, walking confidently in the streets, wearing  your favorite Peaky hat, all proud of your work and determination towards the resolution. Or imagine yourself entering energetically in the office, speaking to your colleagues fluent in that foreign language you decided to study, placing your Peaky Hat on your desk and starting your working day more confident than ever, because you managed to develop further some of your professional skills by reading more.

If you first live it and believe it in your mind, you’re more likely to live it and achieve it in the future.

Use visual cues. 

People forget - the truth is out now! But, to achieve your goals on your New Year’s resolution, you need to consistently and willingly take some action towards it: go to the gym regularly, attend language courses or listen to Podcasts in that language daily. 

Why not choose one of the remarkable caps in the Peaky Hat collection as your visual cue? 

You can place it in the coat’s hanger close to the front door, or keep in beside your night-stand. Anywhere visible for you. Then, anytime you pass by it, you’ll remember your ideal scenario, what you’re walking towards, confidently wearing your favorite flat cap, living as the best version of yourself. Choose this fine newsboy cap to be your visual cue - then get up and do whatever is needed to achieve it!

Get an accountability buddy.

Tell a friend or to your partner about your goal (and about Peaky hat as your visual cue). People who get an accountability buddy are more likely to stick to their goals than those who go on this path alone. If your friends are not able to join you in this challenge, they can still check in on your progress. If you're a more reserved person, you can still be your own watcher. In this case, you’d need to track your step through a journal or application. Alternatively, you can pick us!  

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Good Luck & Go Get those Resolutions Done!