Freshen Up That Cap!

Did you buy a new hat and it came with a few wrinkles or creases from shipping or being stored in the warehouse? Pull an old cap out of the closet from under a pile of sweatshirts? Someone toss your cap in the trunk of the car and it was mashed under your golf clubs?  Don't sweat it, we've got you covered!  

Whether you need to 'wake up' a new cap or bring an old one back to life, steam is your new best friend. 

We could go into great detail, but our approach is 'the simpler the better.' We'll give you the concepts, you make the process your own. Sometimes steaming a hat can be incredibly cathartic and best enjoyed with your favorite beverage (bourbon in my case). Don't stress about it, just enjoy the journey and soak up the steam! 


1 - MAKE STEAM. We suggest a steamer (recommendation below), but steam can be easily created using a pot of boiling water on the stove or tea kettle. Tea kettles usually have a spout which is great for directing the steam, but if you are going the route of a pot of boiling water, we suggest using a lid to partially cover the pot and guide the steam into a concentrated area.

2 - BATHE and KNEAD.  Hold the hat 6-8 inches from the source and bathe it in the steam, slowly and thoroughly. As it gets moisture, use your fingers/hands to smooth out any creases, kneading the cap in all areas that need attention. If the cap is slightly snug, this is a good opportunity to work on stretching it a tad as well. Then, repeat.  You will quickly see it come to life.  *STEAM IS HOT, be careful.

3 - WEAR IT.  By far the best part...wear it, wear it, wear it. No two hats are the same, they all gradually form themselves to your fit, your head, and your lifestyle.  The more you wear it, the more it becomes yours.

Enjoy the cap, and Stay Peaky.


If you have several caps in your collection, a steamer may not be a bad investment. You can grab one on Amazon for less than $50.

We do not have any affiliate relations for this product, but this is what we use in our local shop. It's easy to use, works fast, and fairly portable. Anything similar will do the trick.  

Clothes Steamer - Great for Caps