A 2022 Thank You & The Journey Ahead

The end of 2022 was a rush and we can’t thank our loyal customers enough for the ongoing support and words of encouragement. Seeing our Peaky friends with their hats on social media and in our inboxes makes the long days and the late nights well worth it.

I recently became the owner of Peaky Hat and couldn’t be more excited about the journey that is ahead. In advance of our 2023 efforts, I want to give thanks to all of you for the support and interest in our growing store. 

Our focus will be on our customers through a dedicated effort to improve the customer experience. We are far from perfect, but we are working our tails off to get there. You can read more about OUR STORY on the site.

The journey ahead is the road less traveled. We are building a brand committed to enabling every human being the opportunity to be their true authentic self. We stand for equality, human rights, and the endless need to support one another. We encourage everyone to be themselves on any given day.

Our hats are our passion and a product for self-expression, but our mission is to encourage authenticity and to empower you to have the courage to be yourself.

Above all, Stay Peaky.

Some things we are hoping to achieve in 2023;

  • Improving shipping times (so much harder than you would think!)
  • Expanding our selection, including new hat makers (send us referrals!)
  • Customer influencers (want to participate, let us know!)
  • Fostering our Community (I absolutely love talking to the Peaky family and want to do it more)
  • Give to a cause (we are seeking partnerships to support mental health services, hits close to home)
  • What else can we do? (Please let us know!)

Whatever your background, religion, ethnicity, or favorite sports team, cheers to you and have a safe, spirit filled 2023.

*Raising my tall glass of bourbon*


Stay Peaky my friends.

-Ryan (Owner of Peaky Hat)


What does it mean to "Stay Peaky"??  Glad you asked. :)  Read more here: STAY PEAKY