Stay Peaky

These two words have quickly become a tagline for Peaky Hat and widely adopted across the Peaky community. But what does it mean to "Stay Peaky"? 

Stay Peaky is a mantra that fits the mold of our most loyal customers. As a brand we are committed to self-expression and to enabling every human being the opportunity to be their true authentic self.  We encourage everyone to be themselves on any given day.  Our hats are our passion and a product for self-expression, but our mission is to encourage authenticity.


Stay Peaky.


We aren't scholarly and don't hold any authority to define words, so we are pretty much adopting this slogan and just making up what it means to us.


There is undoubtedly a style that comes with a Peaky Hat. This ‘style’ has had a resurgence in popularity thanks to the hit series Peaky Blinders. What is a Peaky Blinder? In this context, a 'blinder' was someone who looked and dressed strikingly, so the name describes the fact that the gang wore 'peakys' and dressed sharply. A 'peaky' was a hat that had a soft fabric top but a really hard 'peak', better known today as the bill of the cap.

The term Peaky Blinder became widely used and referred to anyone who 'dressed strikingly' but was also a fighter and willing to defend his family and loyal circle of comrades.

We don’t use the phrase Stay Peaky solely based on the Peaky Blinders series or the history of the family, but instead we’ve adopted our own definition through a modern lens and our own experiences.

I once listened to an interview with Chip Bergh, the CEO & President of the renowned clothing company Levi Strauss. In the interview he commented that he was able to turn the faltering brand around, his personal relationships around, and his own well-being by staying true to one central philosophy, "Choose the harder right, over the easier wrong." 

I've adopted that same approach, instilled it into Peaky Hat, and do my best to put it in practice day in and day out. It's not always perfect, in fact far from it, but it's a target to shoot for.  Stay Peaky, to me, embodies that simple phrase.  


To me personally, to Stay Peaky means to be kind, be authentic, continue to put one foot in front the other, and to choose the harder right over the easier wrong.


To Stay Peaky means to carry the courage to be yourself and the courage to accept others as they are.  


To Stay Peaky means to continue being authentic and true to yourself, not letting a false narrative prevent you from owning your own unique style, brand, and who you want to be on any given day.


To Stay Peaky means to empower others to be authentic and true to themselves, regardless of background, religion, race, age, gender, and choice of whiskey. 


To Stay Peaky means to be a fighter, not in the physical sense, but to have the strength to manage the day-to-day grind that is constantly presenting each of us with our own unique and individual challenges.


To Stay Peaky means what you want and what you need it to mean to you.


Stay Peaky my friends.



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