Four Black-Friday Facts that will Peak your Curiosity

No.1. The first Black Friday out there in the streets

You probably are too young to remember this, but an extraordinary shocking event happened on September 24th, 1869. It started as just another normal Friday, people going about their business. 
Imagine walking on Wall Street, already a distinguished area in New York’s financial district. You’d see many gentlemen - dressed up nicely, warm coats, expensive ties and fashionable peaky hats -  at the same time being the most ambitious, elegant and intelligent people of the century. There’s only one thing on their mind - how to get richer by the minute! They’re rushing to the Wall Street Stock Exchange floor, to trade their financial assets for the most valuable goods. 
Now imagine their shock, disappointment, anger, when in a twisted turn of events, exactly on this Friday, the price of the most valuable goods of them all - gold - goes extremely high and there’s apparently no more supply! Needless to say, everything plummets together with their invested fortune! Many people found themselves penniless from one moment to the other… 
This dark unfortunate date in history - the crash of Wall Street -  would be always remembered as “The Black Friday”. (For a more cinematographic depiction, check out this video from Peaky Blinders TV series.)

No.2. Add Black on White and your Friday will be Bright

Later, the term Black Friday was used for a less dramatic, more literal meaning. Employees working in the accounting/sales department of shops used to write in the white-paper accounting books: with black ink if the numbers were positive and profitable; with red ink if the numbers were negative.
More black ink on white paper, especially on a Friday, meant more sales, better results for the shops and the employees. They could close the books, put on their jacket, tip their Peaky Hats to the shop owners and enjoy the rest of their weekend unbothered. 
Wishing your colleagues “Have a Black Friday!” was the best weekend wish to shout around.  

No.3. Thanks-giving on Thursday, Gifts-giving on Friday

You probably know this but here’s a refresher:
When do we give thanks? On Thanksgiving day!
When is that? Thursday of the fourth week of November.
What comes after Thursday? Obviously, Black Friday!

Black Friday was chosen to be the day after Thanksgiving because it flows so easily in the order of events. On Thanksgiving, people usually gather and celebrate the holiday with their families. Friday was often granted as a day off for most employees. With Christmas being just around the corner, why not use this opportunity to get gifts for your family, friends, relatives? Convenient for both shoppers and retailers, Black Friday symbolizes the start of the holiday shopping season. Many brick-and-mortar stores offer big discounts on electronics, toys, and other products. Are you already making a list of gifts in your mind?

Let us help with some suggestions - here are 9 reasons why a Peaky Hat is the perfect gift idea.  If you’re not sure which of the Peaky Hat designs fits them best, we offer you the chance to get a Peaky Hat gift card. You give the gift of style and timelessness, they choose their own design and size.

 No.4. To fight or not to fight, for your Black Friday rights?

Really avid bargain-hunters have been known to camp out overnight on Thanksgiving to secure a place in line at a favorite store to get great deals. In absence of security, some people have even gone violent to protect their Black Friday rights. For example, on Black Friday in 1983, customers engaged in scuffles, fistfights, and stampedes in stores across the U.S. to buy Cabbage Patch Kids dolls. But times have changed - it’s the 2020s, a brand new decade!
We believe that you (since you made it to read this far!) are most certainly a thoughtful, careful, intellectual reader and responsible customer. You know better than going crazy like that!

Yes, you will get your Black Friday rights, but no need to get your hands dirty. 
You can handle this the gentlemanly way - calmly and confidently!

Here’s a quick how-to:

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  3. You go to your virtual shopping cart. 

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... and there you go! 

No blood spilled, no collateral damage. 
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