The Power of FIRST

Have you noticed how in our modern society we are in love with the idea of FIRST?
Think of the countless news headlines you have read in your life, such as “The first successful airplane has been built…”, “The first man to step on the Moon…”, “The first woman to win a Nobel prize in…”

What about our personal life experiences? Often, these first moments carry so much power and emotional value that they get written permanently in our memory.
Do you remember your first kiss?
How about the first time driving a car?
You probably remember vividly the feeling of the first time saying “I love you”, or how terrifyingly excited you were the first time you tried that crazy idea!

The point is, we are continuously striving to achieve more “first”-s in our lives.
Why is that “first time” such an important milestone, anyway? A “first time” doesn’t necessarily mean “the best” or “the worst” experience you ever had.
The first time is powerful because you dared to get started!
Without that first time, without jumping for that first step, it’s not possible to become better or move further. 

As the first year of the new decade, 2020 will also be remembered as the year that brought to our lives so many “first” challenges - staying at home, only shopping online, working remotely, keeping a physical distance from our friends or family.
Despite all the challenges, and most importantly, because of your trust and support, PeakyHat will remember 2020 as the year of achieving its first anniversary!
In this first year of our journey, we at PeakyHat would like to take a moment and appreciate each and every one of you - from the first person to browse in the products catalog to all the other 6 800 wonderful customers from 62 countries worldwide.
Thank you for trusting us and choosing to get your favorite stylish hats through our website! Thank you for sharing your preferences, concerns and honest feedback with us through your direct inquires! It has definitely helped us to customize the services offered to you and get better every day.

Dear PeakyHat friends, tell us about you…
When was the last time you did something for the first time?
If you already got your PeakyHat - do you remember what it felt like wearing these iconic flat caps for the first time?
If you never wore a PeakyHat - browse the collection designs and find the one that perfectly fits your style and personality.
If you’ve never dared to change your style, here’s a “first” opportunity - get started with a PeakyHat! (Side effects may include: walking down the street feeling like a totally different, undeniably more powerful, and respectable presence.)
If you want to bring the gift of “first” to a dear relative or a close friend - how about you get them their first PeakyHat? Here are 9 reasons why a PeakyHat is the perfect gift idea!
Not sure what’s their favorite color or exact size? Don’t worry!

To celebrate PeakyHat’s first special anniversary, we’re launching for the first time the possibility to purchase PeakyHat Gift Cards.
This way, it’s a win-win: you make them the gift of a unique stylish item, and your dear ones can jump on our website and be as peaky as they want with their hats.

Go on now - be bold and make that first step!
You know exactly what to do.