3 Quick Tips to Choose Great Gifts this Christmas

December is often considered to be “the most wonderful time of the year”. We can use December days to review achievements and struggles of the past months. Some of us find time to sort their priorities and goals for the year ahead. Most importantly, December serves us as a time to appreciate the important people in our lives. Whether you’re able or not to travel and visit your dear relatives, partner, close friends this year, you will still be thinking intensively about them.

Even though  “ ‘Tis the season to be jolly… falalala”, we still will get worried and stressed over the gifts! A tough question arises: What tangible object can we get to our dear ones, that can represent as closely as possible, how much they mean to us? We looked at Greek philosophers for some gems of wisdom. It turns out that Socrates - among the most famous thinkers of ancient Greece - came up with 3 tips on filtering out opinions before we send them out to the world. 

We at PeakyHats took this idea off his wise head. Here are 3 tips to filter out gifts before you wrap them in a nice box and send them out to the world.

1. Is it true?

A true gift means that it is an original creation, something unique and of high quality. For the people that are truly the most important to you, you wouldn’t think of giving a cheap imitation, of poor quality, or that is just mass-produced and meaningless.
Therefore, before choosing the gift, take a few moments to consider the quality of the material it is made of, the trustworthiness of the shop providing you this item, the dedicated work of the producers, the reliability of the information and the customer service.
If all of the above is true to you, then you’ll be sending out a true gift, too.

2. Is it kind?

Wait, what - what does it even mean for an object to be kindThink of it this way: when we say kind words to people, we make them feel good about themselves and they feel empowered to take on the world.  

That’s the same effect you would expect from a kind gift: it should make your favorite person feel good about themselves, just the way they are. Moreover, they should feel confident, be true to themselves and demand the respect they really deserve. 

If you find a gift that is so kind to them, it’d be (almost) the right decision to send it, then.

3Is it helpful?

A helpful gift means exactly what it is: a gift that helps the receiver by making their life easier. A helpful gift is one that has many practical benefits. 

Maybe this item has a direct effect on the person’s health, maybe it makes their daily tasks less time-consuming, or maybe it is a simple item that provides them with more comfort to enjoy their daily walks out in nature.

When your chosen item helpful can be, then you can wrap it and set it free.

If your gifts list is still blank here and there, why not have a look at the Peaky Hat collection in our online store? You can find there a variety of designs, colors and sizes to fit both men and women, of different ages and fashion styles. 

Don’t worry, we checked - PeakyHat filters out successfully through the 3 questions!

  • Is a Peaky Hat true? Yes, it is.

    •  Unique designs. Made out of carefully chosen, high-quality materials. And it’s among the truest stylish items that has persisted through changes in time.

  • Is a Peaky Hat kind? Yes, it is.

    • A flat cap is more than just a hat. The newsboy cap is a symbol of power, fearlessness, and self-confidence. These are the kind feelings that everyone who wears a PeakyHat will start to experience immediately.

  • Is a Peaky Hat helpful? Of course it is.

    • A Peaky Hat is lightweight, versatile, flat and durable. Whether it’s too sunny or too cold, the head wearing a flat cap can never be in any discomfort.

Happy Gift Wrapping, and Happy Holidays!