The Peaky Wythall Cap (NEW!)

$49.95 $71.44

Top your outfit off with the Peaky Wythall Cap for a smart, stylish and confident look. This round, flat shape and brim cap is manufactured in a classic flat cap style, made in plaid, tartan cloth and reminiscent of years gone by, and with all the history it carries with it. The result is a feeling of exclusivity and a look towards the future in hat fashion.

Special Features:

• Stylish – classic, elegant peaky style with a button stud on top
• Unisex – available in a wide variety of sizes, suitable for women and men
• Quality – made from high-quality wool and polyester

We believe that you’ll feel comfortable and confident wearing your own Peaky Wythall Cap, and that will boost your confidence and give you a feeling of fearlessness. Your Peaky cap isn’t just another cap, it’s a fashion statement: it says you have it all!

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