The Peaky Bromwich Cap (NEW)

$39.95 $58.44

Our latest arrival is here -  Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the peaky Bromwich cap!

One of the most versatile items in our catalogue, the peaky Bromwich cap can easily complement a casual evening outfit and also a sportive look to get you started into the day.

Thanks to its modern cut, compact design and flat shape, the peaky Bromwich cap will contour your head comfortably and fit perfectly. 

Highlighted features:

  • Suede fabric - made from high quality materials, the hat has a soft yet slightly rough finish

  • Bold colors - choose your favorite from three different classy colors: black, beige or burgundy/red

  • Unisex - the peaky Bromwich cap comes in many sizes, suitable for men or women

You will absolutely love the velvety touch of the Suede material on your unique peaky Bromwich cap, and people around you will definitely love your confidence and the style once you walk into the room. 

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