We make caps for everyday people. 


As we continue grow, our mission is focus on these three primary objectives

  • QUALITY CAPS - An endless pursuit to maintain and improve the quality of our caps, our customers deserve nice things.
  • EXCELLENT SERVICE - Provide an incredible customer experience, we want your experience with Peaky Hat to rank among the best experiences you had that day.
  • BRAND INTEGRITY - Build a brand that you can be proud to support, leaning on our core values and our loose definition of 'Stay Peaky'. 

Peaky Hat is lifestyle brand that designs and manufactures Newsboy caps and Flat caps. We want to honor the past by making caps that are inspired by the shapes and styles that rooted deep in our history, but also apply modern day fashion trends and technology to produce caps for today.  

We are hat enthusiasts, on a modest budget. We don't make junk, we take pride in our efforts to provide quality caps that will last and that you'll be proud to wear. 

We are every day people, not high-end fashion gurus.  We don't make unreachable products, as we work tirelessly to use high quality materials and cost efficient production methods so our caps are accessible by customers of every background and econimic situation. 

We strive to make a quality cap at a reasonable price, making cap ownership a fun and stress free experience, whether you are a collector, a fashion forward expressionist, or an every day Joe who just wants a sweet cap to wear while you take on the day.

There are many hatters that make some incredible caps, often costing well over $100 and even into the couple hundreds of dollars. That's not who we are.  We make caps for the people that love hats and want to own several, without taking out a high interest loan to afford them. You deserve sweet caps too, and that's why we are here, for you.