Why the octagonal cap is known as newsboy cap?

When it comes to headgears, the trend has seen a lot of changes since ancient times. Many styles have been introduced. Some have stayed, some have disappeared and some have made a comeback from the past. Caps are a popular headgear that was first introduced in the 3200 BC. Initially designed for warmth, the caps were made with a head cover and a visor, but today they are available in different shapes, sizes and material which tend to rise and fall with the fashion trends.

A recent fashion trend that has picked up is the comeback of the octagonal cap. An octagonal cap or more famously known as the newsboy cap were worn by people in the 19th and early 20th century. The credit for the comeback of this octagonal cap goes to the popular TV Drama Series called the Peaky Blinders airing on Netflix. The story of the series focuses on the adventures of the Shelby family in the 19th century. The characters of the series have truly replicated the appearance and style of men during that time, the highlight being the typical newsboy cap belonging to those times. This series has popularized and brought back the octagonal cap back into trend which looks absolutely stylish and hence a lot of people have recently warmed up to this fashion.

The octagonal cap can be made of many materials such as a felt or soft cotton. It is essentially a full round cap that has eight panels attached to each other and held by a button on top. These panels grow wider as they move away from the button and attach to the brim covering the head. Wearing the octagonal cap is a distinct style making you look chic and classy. However, very few people know why it is also called as a newsboy cap. During the 19th and early 20th century, these octagonal caps were mostly worn by boys and men particularly those who delivered the newspaper. The newsboy caps were worn most frequently by the newsboys. Because it was worn more by the people of a certain profession, it came to be known by the same name. However, there are reports that most men of that time wore this cap and hence there lies a bit of uncertainty regarding the why it was particularly referred to as newsboy caps.

Today, the resurgence of the octagonal or newsboy caps has made it extremely popular with not just men but also women. A lot of youngsters have taken up to this fashion, so much so that it’s become a popular culture to wear the newsboy caps. A lot of high end retail stores are also selling their own newsboy caps which have been inspired from the Peaky Blinders which is a TV series on Netflix. Many versions of the cap have also been introduced in the markets which are attracting a huge number of customers. If you’re looking for a stylish cap which is something similar to the ones worn by the main characters of Peaky Blinders then you’re at the right place. Do check our Peaky Hat collection, where you can also grab some items available in discount and the latest hats available online. We have different variety of the hats which you can buy if you want to keep up with this fashionable trend or even gift it to someone who you know will absolutely love it.