The Story Behind What is Coming...

Message 1 (9/25):  4 days until Drop...

For the last 12 months I have listened, I have observed, and I have learned who you are. You and I have many things in common.
We are rough around the edges.
We are proudly imperfect.
We are people who don’t give up.
We are individuals that keep on fighting.
Day after day, we take the blows from the elements, but stand undeterred. 
I wanted us to make a cap just for you. So we did.


Message 2 (9/26):  3 days until Drop...
While it may not always be ever-present, we do have the strength to manage the day-to-day grind that is constantly presenting each of us with our own unique and individual challenges.  
We are durable.
We are sturdy.
We are resilient.  
We made a cap with those same qualities that bind us, matching our toughness and “always there for you” attitude.
Message 3 (9/27):  2 days until Drop...

Canvas. Not fancy, not shiny. Like you and I, it’s reliable, tough, and resilient.
We aren’t the first to make a hat with canvas.
We aren’t the first to make a newsboy with canvas.
We didn’t need to make something new or perfect.
We needed to make something that is perfect for you.
Sometimes reinventing the wheel isn’t the best path. This is one of those times. Tomorrow we unveil the cap we made just for you.


Message 4 (9/28):  1 day until Drop...

Introducing, ‘The Peaky Workman’. 
The cap we made just for you.
An exclusive Peaky Design.
The slim profile newsboy you’ve been waiting for.
The Peaky Workman is made to be your go-to cap.
Made for the everyday grind. Resistant to the elements.
Built for work, play, & everything in between.
You put in the work, now it’s time to reward yourself.