The Peaky Kingsland Cap (NEW!)

$44.95 $64.94

We proudly introduce to you the newest member arriving in the PeakyHat family: the Peaky Kingsland cap. The Peaky Kingsland hat features a multi-patterned round shape, topped with the recognizable button stud and a slightly-arched short brim. You can round the brim to your taste so that it contours best your face and feels the most comfortable to your head.

Special details:
• Stylish – classy and fashionable peaky style with a button stud on top
• Unisex – available in a variety of sizes and colors, suitable for ladies and gentlemen
• Quality – manufactured with high-quality woolen material and polyester

The Peaky Kingsland hat can be easily matched to the rest of your outfit. It will top off perfectly your casual, informal, or formal attire.
With its impeccable design and extra comfortable shape, you will want to wear it confidently every random day and in all important events of your life.

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