The Peaky James Cap

$39.95 $58.44

Is it the precise shape, or the most classy colors?

We can’t pin it down either. The brand-new peaky James cap surely has it all entrapped.

This flat cap was carefully designed to embody the vintage style of peaky hats, rounded with a fitted shape in the back. It will comfortably cover your head, made out of 100% cotton.

The peaky James cap gives off a smart-looking, day-to-day vibe.    

“James” is a name of English origin, that means roughly “Supplanter”. The colors are available in BLACK and BEIGE

Highlighted features:

  • Cotton fabric - made of high-quality cotton and Linen for a comfortable feel
  • Nature-inspired colors - you can pick your favorite ones among black and beige. 
  • Unisex - the peaky James cap comes in many sizes, to be worn confidently by men or women.

Add the peaky James cap to your outfit and everyone will see how your whole appearance will reflect the ultimate level of confidence, pride and style!




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