The Peaky Burnley Cap

$44.95 $64.94

We are thrilled to announce a new arrival to the Peaky Burnley Cap, and it is already a winner: the Peaky Burnley Cap represents the ever popular vintage style of the flat cap combined with peaky hat’s history. This high-quality cotton cap is a fashionable accessory that you don’t want to miss out on. It’s a cap that characterizes you and lets everybody know that you’re in charge. If you want to project a sense of leadership, wear the Peaky Burnley Cap and you’ll stand out in a crowd.

Special features:

• Smart - classic peaky style with a button stud on the top
• Unisex – available in a wide variety of sizes, suitable for women and men
• Color - Grey or Blue with a classic line patterns

Make yourself into a winner. Wear the Peaky Burnley Cap and you’ll be the leader of the pack, or maybe it should be, leader at the peak!



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